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Network Infra Management Platform (NIMP) 

NIMP (Network Infra Management Platform) is a flexible and scalable platform for wire and wireless network infra management. It gives transparent network infra quality in real time and efficient management of contractors to service providers

Key Features

  • Real time data collection on every network field test thru wireless network(WiFi/LTE etc)

  • Provide insight of transparent network quality

  • Not requires expensive acceptance test against contractor’s field work

  • Applicable fiber, copper and RF network

  • Operator configurable and scalable platform

  • Minimize infra construction time

  • Eliminate human measurement error(Pre-scripted test via App. on mobile device)

  • Simple dashboard for KPI

  • Oracle DB gives efficient data management(Report, Statistics)

  • Efficient and Transparent contractor management


  • Real time data collection from field test(OTDR/DTF/Ethernet, etc)

  • Transparent network infrastructure(Fiber, RF, Copper) management

  • Transparent contractor management/evaluation


NIMP Structures

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