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Precise Fiber Microscope (PFM) Series

Precise Fiber Microscope (PFM) a fiber microscope based on stage control. Stage comes with manual and automatic and both are precisely and conveniently controllable. With these precise stages, operator can inspect multicore fibers  such as MPO/QSFP also reduces inspection time significantly in prduction line. Optional AoS(Action on Scan) offers quick and convenient auto test and data management.


Key Features

  • Visual(Analog) and Pass/Fail(Digital) inspection

  • IEC 61300-3-35 ED2 and custom profile support

  • Up to 3 inspection tips installation on stage

  • Selectable stage(manual or auto stage)

  • Precise and easy stage control

  • Comprehensive inspection tips available(supports both PC/APC)

  • Optimized for multicore fiber inspection

  • Dual Mag. available on Digital version

  • User changeable lens   

  • Barcode scanning initiates test automation(AoS option) and enables data management(Reporting, Statistics)

  • Minimize labor cost of fiber inspection/Maximize inspection efficiency

  • Customized inspection tips available on request



  • Optical components end-face inspection

  • Passive/Active devices inspection(Ferrule, PM fiber, SFP, QSFP, Attenuator, etc)

  • Multi-core fiber inspection(MPO/MTP/QSFP/QSFP CoB)

  • Smart Factory(Inspection automation and data management)

IMG_0817 (2)
PFM with MPO Digital
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