Fiber Auto Inspection System (F-AIS)

F-AIS is designed for fiber auto inspection in production line with minimum human resource involving. In order to minimize inspection time, F-AIS accepts  polishing jig(Seikoh Giken, etc.), therefore operators don't need to pull off fiber from polishing jig for inspection. Thanks to auto focus and centering, F-AIS eliminates human operation and error.


Key Features

  • Fiber inspection for Optical Transceivers, polishing Holder

  • Minimize inspection time and labor cost

  • Auto focus and auto centering

  • Fast multi channels auto inspection

  • Intuitive distinguish pass/fail result(Graphic indicator)

  • Instant moving to fiber needs to be reviewed

  • Barcode scanning initiates test automation(AoS option) and enables data     management (Reporting, Statistics)



  • Automation of optical components end-face inspection

  • Inspection with polishing jig

  • Smart Factory(Inspection automation and data management)

  • FAOC/MPO/MT/SFP/SFP+/XFP/QSFP auto inspection

AIS Capture 1