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Fiber Auto Inspection System (FAIS)

FAIS is designed for fiber auto inspection in production line with minimum human resource involving. In order to minimize inspection time, FAIS accepts  polishing holder (Seikoh Giken, etc.), therefore operators don't need to pull off fiber from polishing holder for inspection. Thanks to auto focus and centering, FAIS eliminates human operation and error.


Key Features

  • Fiber inspection for Optical Transceivers, polishing Holder

  • Minimize inspection time and labor cost

  • Auto focus and auto centering

  • Fast multi channels auto inspection

  • Intuitive distinguish pass/fail result(Graphic indicator)

  • Instant moving to fiber needs to be reviewed

  • Barcode scanning initiates test automation(AoS option) and enables data     management (Reporting, Statistics)



  • Automation of optical components end-face inspection

  • Inspection with polishing jig

  • Smart Factory(Inspection automation and data management)

  • FAOC/MPO/MT/SFP/SFP+/XFP/QSFP auto inspection

AIS Capture 1
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