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Bare Fiber Aligner (BFA)

Bare Fiber Aligner (BFA) is most advanced bare fiber aligner in the market. It reduces time of fiber installation, maintenance or troubleshooting at field operation and it is the best method of testing optical bare fiber.


Key Features

  • Testing optical fiber in bare fiber condition

  • Low coupling loss (Typ. IL< 0.5dB)

  • Not requires cleaver

  • Easy and fast operation at field

  • Stable bare fiber handling with Hold button

  • Replaceable cartridge(+500 cycles alignment)

  • Short Cut off length – Approx. 18mm



  • Bare Fiber Testing with OTDR or other equipment

  • Optical talkset communication with bare fiber

  • FTTH installation and maintenance

BFA insertion fiber
HM Solution-5
HM Solution-9
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