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Optical Transceiver Inspection System (OTIS)

Optical Transceiver Inspection System is part of automation system to be enable testing optical transceivers in the production line.

Most of advanced features are support all type of optical transceivers like as SFP, SFP+, SFP28, XFP, QSFP's with corresponding tray. It can test and inspection 10's optical transceiver sequentially. Read optical transceiver DDM information, Compare Label information, End face inspection, Auto Cleaning and Data Writing


Key Features

  • Optical Transceiver Auto Inspection System

  • Support Multi-Port (Max 10ea) Optical Transceiver Tray 

  • Auto data acquisition of Optical Transceiver information (Vendor, SN, PN and others)

  • Config auto dump of Optical Transceiver

  • Auto inspection - end face of ferrule(port) check by IEC61300-3-35

  • Auto cleaning – cleaning end face of ferrule(port)

  • Auto Cross validation(4) between label and EEPROM info (SN or PN)

  • Support local database and remote database



  • Optical Transceiver Production Line Automation for Testing

  • End face inspection @ final stage of production

  • Optical transceiver IQC and OQC management

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