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Fiber Optic Tool and Test Measurement

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Fiber Optic Tool

Bare Fibe Aligner

Bare Fiber Aligner is help to fiber cable connection without any optical connector at end of fiber. Easy and quick operation without extra tool kit


BFA는 광케이블 등의 측정 시 성단작업(커넥터) 없이 광케이블 등의 측정이 지원해 주는 툴로, 추가적인 클리버(Cleaver)등이 없어도 사용이 가능함 ​


Emergency Fiber Recovery Kit is provide temporary connection against with accidentally broken fiber in outdoor or indoor fiber cable

​응급복구 킷은 갑자기 끊어진 광 케이블에 대한 빠른 임시 복구를 지원해 주는 제품으로 옥내/옥외 케이블에 사용됩니다

Fiber Optic Test & Measurement


InLine Certifier is powerful equipment to find out unused FTTH drop cable

Optical Transceiver Diag.JPG

Optical Transceiver Diagonotor

OpTranD is one of useful equipment to evaluating optical transceiver whether performance is within acceptable or not in the field

Fiber Optic Inspection


Precise Fiber Microscope

PFM is basic inspection microscope for end face of ferrule evaluation about passive / active component 

Fiber Optic Automation System


Optical Transceiver Inspection System

OTIS is one of automation inspection system for optical transceiver.

It can support end face evaluation as well as read/write DDM information of optical transceiver, Label inspection too


FAIS is automated inspection system and provides innovative efficiency in the manufacturer of passive or active component. 

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