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OTDR Mobile Solution

OTDR Mobile is part of NIMP solution and it is management solution for field fiber installation and maintenance. It is help to collect all fiber installation quality information (fiber lengths, total loss, slicing loss, connection loss, number of slicing point / connector) as well as real time trace result is transfer to NIMP server. NIMP server able to monitoring field daily activity with quality. 

Key Features

  • Support any OTDR* remote operation over mobile device

  • All parameter of OTDR is controllable by mobile device

  • Trace result acquisition and auto analysis / evaluation (pass/fail)

  • Transfer data (trace result, operator ID, location and so on) to NIMP server

  • Real time monitoring and managing for field fiber installation progressing

  • Statistics all fiber initial qualities and status


* OTDR must support remote interface - USB, Serial, WiFi, Bluetooth

* Current supported OTDR - MTS2000(VIAVI), AQ1200/7280/727X(YOKOGAWA)


  • Fiber Initial Installation Management

  • Fiber Maintenance & Troubleshooting Management

  • Quality management and history trace


OTDR Mobile Structures


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