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InLine Certifier Enhanced (ICE)

INLINE CERTIFIER Enhanced is most unique and accurate field test tool kit for find out ONU or ONT on the fiber. It is simply detecting and evaluating the end situation of the optical drop cable on FTTH whether ONU/ONT is connected (included power off status) or not.

INLINE CERTIFIER Enhanced is only requiring to connecting the connector of one side of drop cable which is side of optical splitter. Just one touch on the button is give a fast starting for evaluation as well as quickly evaluation results are displayed on the screen and vibration at the same time. If end of drop cable is present ONT/ONU, 1s periodic vibration is happened. If no ONT/ONU, it will continue vibration. ICE is support to detect G-PON, E-PON, NG-PON and XGS-PON device


Key Features

  • Compact, small and rugged

  • Easy and fast operation

  • ONT/ONU presence detection with vibration

  • Support G-PON / E-PON / XGS-PON / NG-PON

  • Self-checking function

  • Clear visibility by OLED display



  • Clean up FTTH drop cables

  • Optimization of FTTH infrastructures

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