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RF Mobile Solution

RF Mobile is part of NIMP solution and it is best management solution for field quality and data management at RF infrastructure installation. It can help to collect all RF cable, device installation qualities and location by real time as well as all test data is transfer to central NIMP server. Central operator able to monitoring field installation quality and progress automatically without any calling or visit on-site to be evaluation.

Key Features

  • Remote operation over mobile device

  • Fully supported auto-controlling and configuring according to type of field testing

  • Auto test data acquisition and auto evaluation according to tolerance or mask

  • Monitoring and managing field quality by real time over NIMP server

  • Support full statistics (quality per location, quality per ID and so on)

  • Fully customization support


  • Real time data collection from field test(DTF/SWSR/RL, etc)

  • Transparent network infrastructure(RF, Copper) management

  • Transparent contractor management/evaluation


RF Mobile Structures

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