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Passive / Active Component Management

  HLM(Height-Location Mapper) is a solution for auto measurement of height and geographical location of any object in the air while driving vehicle. It gives operators fast and safe measurement with minimum cost

 Key Features

  • Height and geographical location auto measurement while driving vehicle

  • Up to 50 meters height measurement with ±0.01m accuracy

  • Configurable min/max limit of measurement range

  • 1.11cm width detection with 80km/h driving @ 2,000 acq./sec.

  • Gyro scope compensates slope/tilt

  • Max. 3,052 acquisitions/sec.

  • Adaptive measurement rate according to driving speed

  • Data exporting to GIS map(Google, Naver, Daum, etc)

  • Easy and safe installation on vehicle



  • Height with location auto measurement of Power cable

  • Height with location auto measurement of Telecom cable

  • Height with location auto measurement of objects in the air (Traffic Signal, Overhead bridge, Tunnel, etc)

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